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  • Portable vs. Whole-Home AC Units

    August 17, 2018

    The never-ending quest to find ways to save on energy bills keeps on going, and it doesn’t appear like it will slow down any time soon. As long as we have homes that need heating and cooling, we’re going to try to find ways to stay comfortable without spending a ton of money.

    Unfortunately that’s a difficult proposition, and it is even more so here in Dublin. The temperatures require us to find ways to stay cool, because foregoing AC isn’t something we can really afford to do out here. But there’s always a way to implement an alternative solution, and you can do that by using different kinds of AC – namely central heating and cooling, or by getting portable/window units.

    But which one is better? Is either definitively more practical than the other, or is one more efficient? The answer, as you’ll find out, isn’t cut-and-dry. Follow along as the experts at Barker Heating & Cooling walk you through the various pros and cons to central and portable AC.

    And of course, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for whatever cooling solution you go with. Our technicians are thoroughly qualified and will help you and your family find the right cooling setup for your situation.

    The Basics

    For starters, if you pare down the costs of a central AC unit compared to a portable unit, you’ll see how much more expensive a whole-home system is. Obviously, the cost associated with cooling an entire home will be much greater than a smaller individual appliance. Common sense dictates it would make more sense to spend less money, but it isn’t that simple.

    Cost vs. Quantity

    A portable AC unit needs to be vented through a window – either through a window unit, as the name indicates, or a standalone unit. So while it may be cheaper, it still has to be tethered to an anchor point that prevents it from being totally mobile.

    Therefore, to completely heat and cool every room in your home, you’ll have to purchase several individual units to compensate for the restrictions they have. On the other hand, a central AC covers every inch of your home and doesn’t require as many single purchases.

    But is the cost of each specific portable/window AC unit more than the everyday cost of a central AC? That’s something that we can’t say for sure without taking a look at your home’s specifications.

    Every home has a different layout – some rooms are naturally heated and cooled more than others, homes are oriented in different directions and face different angles of the sun, and so forth – but odds are, a central AC will be a better call.

    One way to maximize your central AC is to invest in a smart thermostat, which allows you to customize the cooling schedule – lowering the average cost you spend cooling your home. That alone may not offset the heavy price of a central AC, but it’ll help you out over time.

    Barker Heating & Cooling is your Dublin go-to AC provider, and our expert technicians can service all your AC needs (as well as thermostats). Give us a call at 925-276-9601 and schedule an appointment to learn more about the services we offer!