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  • Is Your AC Ready for the Summer?

    June 1, 2018

    Summer has finally arrived! We’re lucky to live in Dublin, where the weather never really gets too chilly, but now that the calendar has shifted to June, we can be sure to have nothing but sunny skies and high temperatures for the foreseeable future. It’s going to be yet another great summer here, and you’ll want to do whatever you can to make sure nothing changes that. That’s why you need to be sure your AC is adequately prepared to handle whatever you throw at it during the dog days of this sweltering season.

    We want to avoid the worst-case scenario, which is that your AC decides it doesn’t want to work when you need it most. If you’ve avoided taking the necessary steps to prepare your unit for the heavy workload it’s about to have to shoulder, then it might be at risk. Don’t let that happen! Follow these simple steps from Barker Heating & Cooling, Dublin’s AC authority, and make sure you and your family stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

    Remove Debris

    Depending on where you live – and where your AC unit is located – there’s a good chance a sizable amount of debris could have clogged it, and your cooling performance could be suffering as a result. If you take a vacuum to it, you’ll be able to remove some of the leaves and smaller obstructions that have lodged themselves there. Check the drain to see if it’s free of debris as well and cut back any branches or weeds that have gotten too close for comfort.

    Clean the Condenser Coils

    Just like any complicated piece of machinery, the various components of your AC unit need cleaning as well. Some of them aren’t ones that you can really tackle at home – unless you’re experienced as an AC technician, in which case you already know everything here – but this one’s doable. Cut the power and find where the coils are (it’s not always in the same location for every model), then clean them using a coil brush or small vacuum hose, or both.

    Change the Air Filters

    This should be something you already do regularly, but during high-usage periods it’s a good idea to be extra-aware of the filter-changing schedule. If you’re blasting the AC all day, every day, it’ll become clogged with dust, allergens and other contaminants, which can severely decrease the quality of the air flowing into your home. It also means your AC unit is going to be working overtime to pump air through, increasing the energy cost as well.

    Schedule Regular Maintenance

    And, to wrap it up, having a technician perform routine preventative maintenance on your AC unit is probably the most beneficial and effective way you can be sure it’ll keep you cool all summer. They’ll be able to spot and fix problems that arise well before they become serious issues, and it eases your burden significantly by freeing you to not worry about it anymore.


    Barker Heating & Cooling is Dublin’s go-to AC service provider, and our technicians provide the most reliable service in the area. When you’ve got a question, concern, or if you just want to learn more about how we can optimize your AC to best prepare you for the summer, give us a call at 925-276-9601!