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  • How Long Will My HVAC Unit Last?

    September 14, 2018

    how long will my hvac unit last

    Well, we’ve almost done it. We’re just about through another summer season in Dublin, and the temperatures should be getting cooler here sooner or later. And depending on how much you used your AC during the summer to stay comfortable, you might be wondering just how many more summers yours can survive before it’s time to think about getting a new one.

    Figuring out how long an HVAC unit lasts is just one of the many things homeowners have to mull over. The short answer, unfortunately, is that every unit is different. You’re not going to have the same life expectancy for your unit as another person would, because a variety of factors get taken into account.

    To help you get a rough idea of how long your particular unit should last, the professionals at Barker Heating & Cooling put together a handy guide. It will make your decision a bit easier and clearer, hopefully, and perhaps put to rest any concerns you may have.

    In General

    For the most part, a rough life expectancy of an HVAC unit is anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Obviously, that’s a bit of a wide range, but that’s where the specifics come into play. In the big picture, an HVAC unit is designed to last you a good while, but that’s assuming you take proper care of it.

    The Nitty-Gritty

    Any number of things could either extend or cut short your unit’s life. For instance, if you don’t ever have it tuned up or have it undergo routine maintenance, then it will suffer over time. As a result, you’re more than likely going to have to replace it sooner rather than later.

    On the other hand, if you replace filters on time, if you have it checked out often, and if you don’t overwork it, you will enjoy a much longer and more fruitful lifespan.

    Other Factors – That You Might Not Have Control Over

    However, even if you take care to keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape, you still might have to replace your unit before you planned to. Why is that?

    More than likely, your unit was installed by a service company, unless you’re handy enough to do it yourself. When you leave it to the professionals, you’re counting on technicians that know what they’re doing and install everything correctly.

    If that doesn’t happen, an HVAC unit can deteriorate quicker than expected, even if you do everything in your power to prevent it from doing so. Costly repairs, frequent maintenance calls and a handful of DIY patch jobs can eventually lead to the final straw. Always make sure that you know your technician is doing everything right when he or she provides service.

    Whether you’re concerned about your HVAC unit’s impending doom or just curious about how long you should expect a unit to last, knowing the basics can make a big difference. And when you do have a new one installed, you need a company you can trust.

    That’s where Barker Heating & Cooling can help. Our service is next-to-none, and we’ll work with you to make sure your new HVAC unit is installed perfectly and won’t have any problems. Give us a call at 925-276-9601 to learn more, or to schedule an appointment!