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  • Are You Ready to Heat Things Up?

    September 22, 2017

    With summer in our rearview mirror and autumn upon us, it’s time to look ahead to the winter. The weather here in Dublin can get pretty chilly, especially in January and February, as the winter months progress. It is best to be prepared. You could wait until then to take a look at your heating system. However, schedules get more packed usually for HVAC services the further the temperatures drop. Make sure you are checking your heating system in the early months of fall so you won’t be left in the cold!

    So how do you know if your furnace is up to snuff for whenever the temperature starts to drop?

    Age of your Furnace

    Heating systems are built to last. With proper maintenance and servicing, some can push 20-30 years of work in for you without needing to be considered for the scrap heap. Age is a huge factor in knowing where your system stands.

    First you can date your equipment. Some technicians write the installation date directly on your unit. If it is not on there, when the device is off and cool, you can check by looking up the model number and serial number from the metal identification plate usually inside the chamber door. From there, you can call the manufacturer on their service number and find out the date of manufacture. With your equipment model information handy, you can also look up the average lifespan. Keep in mind this is an average, so that means half the machines have been worn by that time while half were still functioning fine.

    If you can’t remember what year the furnace was installed and it is not written, ask yourself this: have you had the furnace since your first child was born? That easier date to remember can also give you an idea of the approximate age of your equipment. If servicing has been sparse throughout that time span, it may be time to upgrade your system.

    Increase in Heating Bills

    Did your heating bills increase dramatically last year? Should this be the case, and performance was the same or steadily declining, your system could likely be starting to wear down while using more energy to make up for it. Age comes in as a factor here again. Say your unit is 20 years old. Then its efficiency is probably at 70%.

    As much as saving money, there is extra importance in an efficient system; the ecological impact of our systems on the environment. It’s worth checking to see how much money a more efficient model could save you.

    If you’re already servicing your equipment regularly and this is still the case, you may want to have a technician come and let you know if there is an issue. From there, it may be a choice between a repair and replacement. This leads to the last and easiest option:

    Let the Experts Help

    Hopefully you are already doing yearly maintenance on your entire HVAC system. This helps keep your system at maximum efficiency. Now is the best time to schedule while we are in the between months of the warmer and cooler seasons. Your HVAC technician can tell you any trouble points in your system and if your system can put in a few more years or if it’s time to put your hardworking – but now tired – furnace out to pasture.

    If you are still undecided on if it’s time to upgrade, give the experts at Barker Mechanical a call! We’re here for you, 24/7.

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