Barker Heating & Cooling A Quick Check for Your HVAC This Fall Seaon A Quick Check for Your HVAC This Fall Seaon
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  • A Quick Check for Your HVAC This Fall Season

    September 29, 2017

    Our lives run off of routine. From the moment we wake up, especially when we have families, routine is natural to make sure we can get from one end of the day to the other. Our house runs much the same way. Granted, there’s no time for a deep clean every Saturday, but the home will show wear if it’s not neglected. Think of how much dust can build up over the course of a month on a counter if you don’t ever clean it.

    Your HVAC system is also no exception. Chances are, with the Californian weather, it is putting in as much hard work as you, particularly with the summertime barely in our rearview mirror.

    One small piece of paper that is a necessity to maintain your system is the air filter. Making sure that you’re filtering the air in your home or business is just as important as making sure the place looks clean. Oftentimes, the air filter gets forgotten as it can easily be “out of sight, out of mind”, but here are a few reasons why you should change it regularly:


    Too much dust in the filter can let dust further into your system. The parts in your HVAC unit could jam up if the residue is too thick, causing it to clog and fail. Airflow is also getting blocked by your clogged filter. Your system will have to strain, trying to get enough air to work properly. This extra exertion, if let without remedy, can damage your system.

    Dirty Ducts

    A neglected filter will often begin to fail. If your equipment is still pulling air through, it could likely send what’s in the overloaded filter not only onto your unit’s parts, but into the ductwork and create a buildup of dust in the tubes.

    If you use HEPA filters, it is then also failing to keep out other contaminants such as pollen, dander, and mold spores. Once you have mold growing in the inside of your ductwork, then you have an even bigger problem: a mold infestation.


    Because your HVAC system is not able to move air as well as it used to, the air in the house can become stagnant. Without air flow, odor may be noticeable as well as more dust than usual on your household surfaces.

    Energy Usage

    Your HVAC unit will run for increased periods of time with little to no change in the air temperature. Cooling your home seems to take much longer. It is working overtime but having no results. This raises your bills without providing you with any extra comfort.

    By changing out your air filter in your HVAC unit every month during peak cooling season, you can reportedly save about 15% of your utilities. Since we typically don’t have it get cold until later in the year, we likely can get away with changing the filters on furnaces alone every 60 days. However, for air conditioners alone and also if you have a joint heating and cooling system, change it out regularly!

    If you are still experiencing issues with your unit after this quick tip, we’re here for you!

    Barker Mechanical Services is a fully licensed and insured, family-owned HVAC company located in Dublin, CA. We’ve offered the best in heating and cooling care since 1998. With 24/7 Emergency Service and our Money-Back Guarantee, there’s no reason not to reach out. You’ll see expert results in a timely manner!