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  • My AC Won’t Shut Off!

    September 7, 2018

    my ac won't shut off

    While having a functional AC unit is great, especially in a part of the country like Dublin where the heat doesn’t exactly go away, there come times when you simply don’t need it. Whether it’s because you’re leaving the house or because the weather decided to chill out for a second or any other reason you could have, the AC doesn’t need to get used every minute of the day.

    That just makes it all the more irritating when the thing won’t shut off! What’s more frustrating than being inconvenienced by an appliance that shouldn’t be acting up? The answer, to be honest, is a few things, but for the purposes of this blog we’re going to just address this issue.

    There are a few reasons why your AC could be constantly blowing air even after you’ve flipped the switch and tried to turn it off, and not everyone may be at the root of your particular predicament. However, at Barker Heating & Cooling, we can diagnose the specifics quickly and effectively should you schedule an appointment with us.

    In the meantime, check for a few of the things we’ve listed below. You might be able to get a leg up on why your AC is being petulant, and that’ll make it easier to help get it back in working order!

    Coil Problems

    Obviously, there are a few different components to your AC unit, and that means the range of potential problems is quite large. One set of parts that tend to be telling indicators of an issue is the coils.

    • Your condenser coils are on the outdoor portion of your HVAC unit, and they can begin building up with dirt over time. When that happens, it blocks heat from dissipating into the air and tricks your unit into thinking that it needs to work harder to cool the air, since it obviously isn’t working. Thus, a continuous blowing of air.
    • Inside, however, is your evaporator coil, and that can suffer from a buildup of ice when it begins leaking refrigerant. The result is the same as the previous coil problem: your AC starts to blow air nonstop to cool the air.

    Malfunctioning Thermostat

    If your thermostat isn’t reading the temperature of the air properly, it demands that the AC work overtime to reach the setting you’ve adjusted it to. And if it can’t figure out when that temperature has been reached properly, it’ll keep making the AC work harder and harder.

    Needs New Filters

    Replacing your filters is imperative. An old filter has a ton of dust, dirt and other icky stuff sitting on it, which impedes your AC’s ability to blow air effectively. When that happens, it’s convinced that it needs to work harder, which means constant AC usage.

    Similarly, a filter that isn’t sized or rated correctly for your unit won’t be able to work in tandem with the AC effectively, which also leads to problems. Make sure it’s the right one for you before purchasing a new filter.

    An ornery AC isn’t any fun for anyone. While the blast of air is enjoyable at first, eventually it just becomes another problem — and as a homeowner, appliance problems are the worst. Instead of trying to self-diagnose the problem, give Barker Heating & Cooling a shout!

    Our techs will give your unit a quick look-over, figure out what’s wrong, and tell you what needs to happen. No funny business, just honest service. Call us at 925-276-9601!