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  • Back to Cool – 4 Tips for Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

    September 14, 2017

    With kids rushing back to their school routine, now is a great time to turn your attention back to your house and check up on your HVAC system (for heating and cooling both) as well as doing some simple seasonal maintenance. With the searing California temperatures, it’s very likely your air conditioner has put in a good chunk of work this summer! It could use a little TLC as we go into a more temperate autumn, which will help it be ready for any weather throughout the rest of the year. Not only is it cost-saving to keep your system in tip-top condition, it is also safer for your system, you, and your family. Here are a few things you can do to give your HVAC the attention it needs.

    Check the central air unit filter

    A clogged filter cuts efficiency and hampers air flow. Having a clean air filter is crucial for your entire system, with multiple benefits. It will improve the air quality in your home, keep your ducts cleaner, as well as helping your system run smoothly. Ideally, an air filter should be changed out every 30-90 days, at least once a month if in heavy use. If you can’t remember the last time you changed it, it is likely time to replace. Another simple test you can do is shining a flashlight through it; if you can’t see through to the other side, change it out.

    Make sure your outdoor unit has space

    Your outdoor A/C unit needs breathing space around it, as it generates a lot of heat. If there is brush that has propped up next to it or vegetation too closely clustered around it, it could disrupt the box’s air flow. Here are a few things you can do to avoid that:

    • Brush off any grass clippings or debris from the slots and surface on the sides of the unit
    • Trim any nearby plants that have hedged it in
    • Clear any weeds or vines that have accumulated around it

    That should help your outdoor unit have a breath of fresh air!

    Adjust the thermostat

    This may seem simple, but setting consistent and scheduled temperature has a big impact on your savings and your comfort. Set the thermostat to turn lower or higher when you know people are not going to be home. This gives your system a break, keeping it in good condition. When everyone is home, having a consistent temperature improves the efficiency of your system. Maximize your savings by getting a programmable thermostat, or making use of the one you already have!

    Schedule a yearly inspection and tune-up

    A routine inspection ups the efficiency of your system and saves you money in the long run. Autumn is often a slower season for HVAC services as it is during a more temperate time. Now is a good time to schedule, as you are more likely to get a convenient appointment. The technicians at Barker Mechanical Services offer full service and maintenance to both heating and cooling systems, with everything from inspections, tune-ups, and duct cleaning to repair and replacement. Have us take a look at your system so that you can be comfortable and ready for what the rest of this year holds!

    Barker Mechanical Services is a fully licensed and insured, family-owned HVAC company located in Dublin, CA. We’ve offered the best in heating and cooling care since 1998. With 24/7 Emergency Service and our Money-Back Guarantee, there’s no reason not to reach out. You’ll see expert results in a timely manner!