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  • Are AC Tune-Ups Necessary?

    September 21, 2018

    are ac tune-ups necessary

    Our AC units are severely underappreciated. They keep on chugging, even as we demand they pump out air with rapidly changing temperature day after day. Honestly, we might even forget about all the work they do. This isn’t intended to be some sort of “Make Air Conditioner Day a National Holiday” post, but we do take them for granted.

    As such, they need care and maintenance just like all appliances do. The longer your AC keeps running, the more it’s going to need a tune-up to ensure all the parts run as intended. Now, you may be skeptical. After all, what could a tune-up possibly do? Is it just going to involve a technician whipping out a wrench, tightening a few bolts, and calling it a day?

    No. An AC tune-up offers a variety of benefits that you likely wouldn’t be aware of until after the fact, and they’re things that can make a big difference in the comfort level of you and your family. Let Barker Heating & Cooling explain!

    Under-the-Radar Help

    What an AC tune-up will do is fix a lot of the underlying factors that your unit might not be performing up to its standards.

    • It increases efficiency. A technician that performs a tune-up will tweak your unit’s intricate components to get it back on the right track. Over time, your AC loses efficiency – actually, everyone’s does. It’s natural. But by having yours tuned up, you can expect lower energy bills and better airflow.
    • It reduces the likelihood of something breaking. One of the most important reasons a tune-up helps is that it allows the technician to catch anything that could eventually grow into a more problematic issue down the line – after it breaks and calls for a costly repair.
    • It increases the lifespan. Even just having one tune-up a year can extend your unit’s shelf life significantly. Having one performed ensures the parts that may have become worn down are able to be replaced, and it improves the efficiency of your unit overall.

    It Pays Dividends

    The biggest hang-up for many people when it comes to investing in tune-ups is the potentially high cost on the front end. Nobody wants to shell out hard-earned money on something they don’t think they need, and we get that.

    However, you can rest assured that any money spent toward a tune-up won’t be going to waste. Think of it like insurance, only without the grouchy adjuster who won’t admit that they need to pay for the repair. A tune-up pays for itself over the course of a year through all the savings you’ll receive on bills!

    Although you may be on the fence about having your AC tuned up, we at Barker Heating & Cooling are confident that you’ll be glad you had one – especially after experiencing our incredible service. We’re committed to providing our Dublin neighbors and their homes with the respect they deserve, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the world of lower energy bills and year-round comfort!

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