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  • 7 Efficient Ways to Keep Your Dublin Home Cool

    May 4, 2018

    The temperatures in Dublin are heating up once again, and even though we haven’t officially crossed the threshold into summer, some of these afternoons can be just as sweltering as the dog days of June and July. Unfortunately, trying to find ways to keep your home cool – ones that don’t involve you cranking the AC up as high as it’ll go – can be a tall task indeed. If you’re not careful, the tools you implement to keep your home comfortable can end up costing you in the long run.

    That’s why Barker Heating & Cooling is here to help. We know the struggle to find easy ways to keep the temperature down is difficult, so we’ve got a few efficient methods of keeping your home cool. Not only will the temperature drop, but you won’t be breaking the bank to do so either! Of course, if the temperature problems persist, or if you just want to enlist the help of the professionals, give us a call! We’ll do whatever we can to make sure you and your family stay comfortable in the summer.

    LED Bulbs

    Traditional fluorescent light bulbs are not only expensive to replace – given that they need changing fairly frequently – but they give off a lot of heat. By switching to LED bulbs, you’ll save on money, since they last much longer than regular bulbs do, and you’ll avoid having unnecessary heat in the air.

    Portable Fans

    One foolproof way to instantly cool a room in your home is by investing in a portable fan. When choosing one, get a unit that offers high efficiency and remains quiet if you’re using it while you sleep. While getting a fan that is more efficient may cost more on the front end, you’ll be reaping the benefits for a long time.


    To protect your home’s interior temperature and prevent the adverse outdoor conditions from entering, consider adding additional insulation into your home – like in your attic, for example. In the summer, insulation will trap the cold air already inside and prevent the outdoor warmth from seeping into your home.

    Ceiling Fans

    In the event your home doesn’t already having ceiling fans in it, adding some is a great idea. The constant circulating airflow means air isn’t allowed to be stagnant, and any hot air that gets in is pushed away. Keep in mind, though, that ceiling fans don’t actually cool you – they just blow air over your skin, accelerating the process of perspiration and evaporation.

    Shut off Devices

    If we remembered to turn off electronics and devices when we weren’t using them, we’d prevent a lot of excess heat from being generated. Even though it might be slightly more inconvenient, taking this simple step will make a difference.

    Cook Outdoors

    One benefit to the warmer weather is that it opens up plenty of opportunities to cook outdoors. By grilling, you do a lot of the heat-intensive food preparation away from places where excess heat would remain in your home.

    Get Blackout Curtains

    One of the simplest ways to reduce heat is to block the sun from shining into your home all day. By installing blackout curtains, you prevent the heat from entering your home, keeping it nice and shady without shelling out a ton of money on an expensive piece of cooling equipment to do the work for you.


    These tips should have you and your family feeling nice and cool when the temperatures get rough. However, if you’d like to have a professional come out and devise a way to help cool your home down through more precise methods, give us a call at 925-276-9601 and schedule an appointment today!